2021-2022 ESSER III/School Innovation and Improvement Plan

Outcome goals for this academic year.

Complete ESSER School Funding Plans

2021- 2022

Westgate Elementary School

Region 2

Hallie Demetriades, Principal

Strategic Plan Goal 1: Student Success

End of Year SMARTR Outcomes: Reading and Mathematics

  • The percentage of students that pass the 2022 Spring Reading and Mathematics SOL will increase by 10%. 

Strategy 1: Goal-Oriented and Resilient Academic Support

  • Staff will provide robust Tier 1 literacy and mathematics instruction that is responsive to the needs of learners at a range of readiness levels  in various settings. 

Strategy 2: Communicator & Collaborator Access to Rigor

  • Staff will design and implement engaging learning opportunities (tasks) and implement appropriate language scaffolds and supports across a range of language readiness levels in various settings.

Strategic Plan Goal 2: Access and Opportunity

End of Year SMARTR Outcome: Staff and Student Engagement   

  • 100% of staff will implement key components of Responsive Classroom.   

Strategy 1: Ethical and Global Citizen & Collaborator : Relationships

  • 100% of staff will participate in staff-wide development around essential components of responsive classrooms. 

Strategy 2:  Ethical and Global Citizen & Critical and Creative Thinker  : Access to Rigor

  • Teachers and specialists will participate in professional development around Culturally Responsive practices.