Student Activities and Community Events

Some of the many activities offered to Westgate students before, during and after school:


Band and Strings


Battle of the Books

Grades 5 and 6 participate in an annual Battle of the Books competition. This is a book trivia contest that encourages classroom spirit and promotes reading great books! Students compete in classroom teams and try to answer the most questions about the preselected books. Classes get creative with signs, costumes and chants as they cheer their team to victory! 


5th and 6th grade students have the opportunity to participate in many performance opportunities during and after school.

Girls on the Run

Girls on the Run uses a curriculum that creatively integrates running with life lessons. Girls on the Run empowers girls in grades 3 – 6 to develop the confidence and character they need to become strong and healthy young adults. Students learn about important topics, such as, standing up for themselves and others, healthy habits, and cooperation, while also playing games and running! At the end of this 10 week program, Girls on the Run puts on a 5k for all teams in the area to run together. For more information, go to the Girls on the Run of NOVA website ( or contact the Girls on the Run team’s head coach, Ashley Hughlett, at @email.

Library Helpers

Sixth grade students have the opportunity to serve as Library Helpers. Each day a team collects returned library books from classes all over the building. Books are scanned for check in and put on carts. Library Helpers also manage tasks such as shelving and book deliveries for teachers. The sixth grade Library Helpers are a vital part of Westgate Library operations. 

Math Counts

In support of the Math Counts Foundation, our Math Specialist Mimi Granados, works with sixth grade students in areas of problem solving, mathematical reasoning, speed and accuracy. Students meet each week to improve their skills and get ready a February competition against other 6th-8th graders.

Morning Announcers

Westgate’s Morning News Crew helps wake up the school with important announcements and interesting feature stories. Students arrive before school hours to edit scripts, rehearse, and film the news show in the video production room. Participants practice communication and collaboration skills as they work to inform the school each day. 

PTA Sponsored After School Programs


Young Scholars


Safety Patrols


Westgate Student Ambassadors

Westgate Student Ambassadors (WSA) mission is to work together to make the school a better place. As leaders of the Westgate student body, WSA officers and classroom representatives set good examples for students in their classrooms and around the school. WSA works to build the Westgate community by creating school-wide events or projects that promote student comradery and Positivity Project characteristics. WSA alerts the student body of what is happening at Westgate by disseminating information about school-wide and PTA events throughout the year. 

Some of the many Westgate community events:

Career Day

Career Day is an opportunity for our students to explore the world of work. We ask parents and community volunteers to speak to classrooms about their chosen career. This provides students with a brief peek at various jobs to begin to peak their interest  The best time to begin career exploration is right now!



Family Math Night

This is an annual event for parents and students to do the math together. Highlights include reading math books to service dogs and getting on math web sites to support math curriculum. Students and families move around the school to solve real world math problems. 

Heritage Night

Battle of the Books